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Agile Principles Consultant Adrian Hall

Adrian Hall is the founder of Agile Principles, here is a little about him in his own words: I feel lucky to have had a very interesting and rewarding career to date spanning over the last 20 years. Over this period I have managed to work on a succession of varied high pressure & high profile projects and programmes in a wide variety of roles. These have included contributing to the programme that placed the first real fibre telephone call in the UK whilst also trying to retrofit an Agile Delivery model to a £10Bn, 4000 man year programme (phew); pioneering scaled Agile in the UK with a programme of 200 members back in 2008 with The (simultaneously delivering for 16 clients); more recently they have resulted in delivering a new BBC news platform, in what was then a bold and new “Responsive” approach, to provide a home for their 10m unique daily users; and they have also included working on IoT (Internet of Things) products with British Gas (Hive) & Lowe’s or delivering one of a range of Big Data or Mobile Apps with and without the latest sexy 3D elements to name a few.

Full Stack Engagement

Across all of these experiences and key to my approach and outlook are the great people that I have worked with and learnt from along the way and that is the reason that I created Agile Principles, to enable me to bring the value of that great network of Agile Principal ‘A-team’ members to my clients, so that they know that any project they engage with us on, they will be getting the best service possible for the most reasonable investment.

A-Team Principles

On a personal level, I engage with teams from Exec & Board Level through to Developers and I work to ensure that organisations are achieving maximum benefit from working in an Agile way. This means keeping the customer at the core of what we are delivering, validating the Value Prop as we deliver, elevating communications, working to ensure that there are clear goals from the strategic level through to the development team, reducing waste and increasing flow throughout to organisation and helping teams to deliver in a scalable, repeatable, value-driven way.

Delivering Business Agility

We all know the fundamental Agile Principles but this organisation is about taking those further and helping our partners to achieve business agility and deliver innovation regardless of their industry sector.

Complete Vertical Team Experience

Our extended network of vetted associates are full-stack experienced and we can provide highly skilled resources roles from C-Level team members to Directors to Tech Leads to PMs to Coaches to BAs to Product Owners to QAs to Designers to UX Architects.

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