Partners in Innovation


There are tons of great Agile blogs out there, some you’ll love and some you’ll love to hate. We are all just trying to learn and figure things out to make the world and our working environments a better place right?

Here are a few to get started with.


Mike Cohn’s blog on Mountain Goat Software. Mike is one of the leading lights of the Agile software development world. He mainly writes on team practices for Scrum and any related topics.

Ken Rubin’s blog is from the author of Essential Scrum. Ken also has a great Agile Glossary resource on his site.

The Crisp Blog, is the blog site of Crisp consulting – think “Spotify Model”. They have a collection of interesting articles and downloads for team workshops, Agile overviews and other interesting topics.

Roman Pichler’s blog provides great background on Agile Product Management. Roman’s site contains a host of downloadable templates and great interesting articles.

The Leanstack blog, is authored by Ash Maurya author of Running Lean. Running Lean is the books where Ash introduces the concept of the Lean Canvas based on the Business model canvas.

The IDEO blog, is from one of the leading lights of the Design Thinking world. IDEO area a leading product development agency that have worked in a progressive way for a long period and have used their methods for product development on everything from hospitals to mobile apps.

The Lean Startup blog, is the child of the book and movement of the same name. The varied authors cover a range of topics from organisational transformations to product development.

Steve Blank, serial startup founder, author and blogger on all things innovation covers topics such as product horizons, innovation at scale.

Medium on Agile. the popular blog site Medium is not short of its share of Agile bloggers too. Worth dipping in to see what nuggets you can collect from time to time.

If you are interested in Agile games for collaboration and learning then you could do worse than checking out: Tasty Cupcakes

The annual State of Agile survey and report from VersionOne highlights trends, adoption, benefits and challenges of Agile organisations.

The State of DevOps report from Puppet, reviews the use of DevOps and Agile techniques globally. This is a newer report than the State of Agile but still provides useful insights and is a well-crafted survey.