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What does MVP mean to you? Are you getting as much benefit as you could be?

Do you or your teams get tied up in knots debating what an MVP (or new product or service) is going to be, should be or should not be?  Do you spend months, years or $$$’s building in the hope that your business case stacks up? If so, maybe we made this video for you.

Take a look and let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback!

Videos are a great way to learn and share information. Some of them are even funny. Here are some of the better ones to get the ball rolling. Please check back regularly, we will be adding more as we discover them.

Did we miss any of your favourites? Send us a link and the reason why you like it and we’ll add it to the list.

Did any make you think or help you specifically? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you and share your stories.



Agile Product Ownership In A Nutshell (15m 51s) Great overview video from Henrik Kniberg on the role of a Product Owner in an Agile organisation. The animation provides an excellent overview covering stories, prioritisation, planning and scaling. The end drawing is also available as are translated versions of this video.

Spotify Engineering Culture – Part 1 Of 2 (13m 12s) Another vid from Henrik Kniberg, this time explaining the engineering culture at Spotify with Agile practices. Produced in January 2014 this video details the journey the teams at Spotify were going through at the time and has spawned many a “Spotify Model” conversation.

Spotify Engineering Culture – Part 2 Of 2 (13m 27s) Henrik Kniberg’s second Spotify Engineering Culture video produced by the Crisp Consulting team. Make sure that you watch them both.


Agile Introduction

Coordination Chaos – (3m 56s) Super quick 4 minute catroon-style video from Gosei at giving a great intro into the challenges that often result from linear thinking and developing specialist teams with a technical focus. No silver bullets but this is a neat and concise contrast between traditional organisation structures and agile customer-centric teams.

Agile Definition – (7m 58s) Another Crisp consulting video here. This time comparing and contrasting Waterfall & Agile delivery models at a very high level from a project perspective. This video doesn’t show the change in values but covers some of the basic concepts to explain why Agile teams and projects work a little differently. This is a pretty good intro to Agile for Project Managers in under 10 minutes.



Intro To Agile Scrum In Under 10 Minutes – What Is Scrum? (8m 52s) A massively popular overview of Scrum presented by Hamid Shojaee from Agile Project Management software supplier Axosoft. An informative and short overview of Scrum that’s worth seven minutes of your time (you can skip the sales pitch for Axosoft at the end).

Jeff Sutherland – OpenView Labs (various) There are a lot of great videos from the co-inventor of Scrum Jeff Sutherland.OpenView Venture Partners have a great set of fourteen videos available to watch for free on YouTube.

Hitler At A Sprint Review (4m 4s) What would happen if Hitler attended a Sprint review? The painfully humorous subtitles are shown against a clip from the film Downfall (91% on Rotten Tomatoes) to highlight where FrAgile practices can get you.

Scrum Et Al. (61m 4s) Ken Schwaber, co-inventor of Scrum, presents the basic framework of Scrum at the Google Tech Talks in September 2005. A long but useful video looking at the basics but also at implementation issues commonly seen.

Agile Alliance Videos (various) There are a large number of free videos available from the Agile Alliance who are a non-profit organisation committed to advancing Agile development principles and practices. These resources have been made available to raise the level of Agile knowledge and skills globally. Note that for more advanced topics an annual membership is required.

TV Agile videos (various) is a directory of videos covering Agile and Lean development approaches and practices.

Rally Video Tutorials (various) Tool supplier and consultancy Rally have made available a set of Agile video tutorials to help the community and promote their offerings. These are high-quality videos helping with foundation level Agile practices.

Scrum In The Real World, An AGILE Movie (5m 52s) Vimeo provides a platform for people to upload, share or sell videos. There are a large number of Agile videos on the site, this one from Bruno Sbille is a great video with the perfect soundtrack showing how Agile projects are developed from concept to delivery.

Scrum Training Series videos (various) This site contains a series of are six videos that teach the major aspects of Scrum in an interesting animated style. These are good quality and highly-regarded videos that split Scrum foundation training into six easily-digestible segments. Watch these if you are new to Scrum.

Scrum Alliance Videos (various) There are a range of free Scrum Fundamentals and Learning Consortium webinars produced by the Scrum Alliance, the world’s largest Scrum organisation. The recorded webinars from leading Agile practitioners from across industry are made available on this site for later viewing.

A funny Scrum Master movie with Jeff Sutherland (5m 23s) The inventor of Scrum  Jeff Sutherland gives a tongue-in-cheek view of the Scrum Master role. There is nothing wrong with what is said but the actual method used is not to be followed, most importantly please do not massage your team members whilst they work.



Intro To Kanban In Under 5 Minutes (4m 8s) Angelo Copolla from Axosoft gives the essentials of Kanban with a short and useful explanation. This video is similar to the ‘Intro to Agile Scrum in Under 10 Minutes’ with an animated style that widens Axosoft’s Agile coverage to Kanban.

Personal Kanban (9m 06s) is a great is a great way to understand Kanban on the simplest level but yet one that could add meaning and value to the way you work and live. The concepts from Personal Kanban translate directly to using Kanban for your team so this is a great place to start.


Product Management

Pentagon Wars – Bradley Fighting Vehicle Evolution (10m 59s) Very funny but sad true story. This is a great example of what happens when you build products without a clear vision and that are not designed to solve a real problem for people. A lesson in how not to do Product Management from the film Pentagon Wars. The film is based on the book The Pentagon Wars: Reformers Challenge the Old Guard by Col. James G. Burton. Tracing the design and troubled development of the Bradley this video is a great example of mission creep and politics.

The Lean Statup Overview (7m 08s) This is introduction to the Lean Startup explains where it came from, why products fail and how we can get better at engineering their success. The lightweight methodology is currently hugely popular with product managers in both startups and enterprise environments and can claim the honour of having coined the term MVP.

Lean Canvas Walkthrough (22:59)  The Lean Canvas was created by Ash Maurya and explained in his book Running Lean (see the books section). In this short video he explains how to create a Lean Canvas for your product or service. This helps product owners understand what are the important variable in their business model and where are the gaps. Even if you are not working with teams who would accept this in lieu of a business case (yet), completing this is a hugely useful exercise.


Innovation & Product Management

Nordstrom Innovation Lab: Sunglass iPad App Case Study (6m 42s) Excellent example of rapid development of a sunglasses fitting sales application for the iPad. Developed by the Nordstrom innovation team in one week whilst located within their flagship store in Seattle. A great example of the speed of design thinking within Agile development and the incorporation of real and direct customer feedback. Epilogue… the Nordstrom innovation lab was (mainly) disbanded at the start of 2015 when it ‘pivoted’ and its engineers were ‘redistributed’ throughout the company, a spokesman stated “Rather than just a team focused on innovation, it’s now everyone’s job”.

IDEO – Design Thinking from 1999 (8m 12s) This video from an episode of Nightline in 1999 shows how cross-functional teams with a flat structure applying design-thinking principles can collaborate to deliver valuable prototypes in a short time frame. High energy and amazing to think that this was nearly 20 years ago but most organisations will stake months to reach this stage with their new products, if they ever do.



RSA Animate – Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (10m 47s) This is the RSA Animate video adapted from Dan Pink’s excellent RSA talk on motivation. Also see Dan Pink’s excellent book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us for more on what truly motivates us at home and in the workplace.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action (16m 43s) This is Simon Sinek’s TED talk from their 25 most watched list. In this he discusses how great leaders inspire followers and how great brands connect with customers. The principles here translate directly to Agile leadership and Agile product management.

Forget the Pecking Order (15m 48s) Margaret Heffernan’s wide ranging experience in starting and running businesses provides a great perspective for why organisations need to rethink how they structure and incentivise people. In this video Margaret provides worked examples from real businesses as well as parallels from the chicken coup.

Listen, Learn then Lead (15m 38s) In his TED talk, the former General Stanley McChrystal provides what some may think is an unlikely source of inspiration for collaborative leadership. This is a great example of the need for building a shared purpose, valuable relationships and a culture of continuous learning.


Lean Software Development

Competing On The Basis of Speed (60m 49s) Mary Poppendieck, co-founder of the Lean Software Development movement, speaks at Google engEDU in May 2008. Engaging presentation looking at fast development whilst maintaining quality, reducing complexity and focusing on value. Mary and Tom Poppendieck’s books are also worth looking at.



Scaling Agile is a hot topic at the moment. Using Agile at scale is nothing new of course, we have been doing this for years across industries. As Agile is now adopted by the later entrants to the market several recipe-book scaled frameworks have entered the market positioning themselves as turnkey solutions, to a greater or lesser extent. My personal view (and that of many other seasoned agilists) is that there is no one size fits all solution and that they over simplify a complex problem space, in other words: “All models are wrong but some are useful”. However, they all have some interesting ideas so here are some introductory videos for those interested in learning more:

Disciplined Agile Enterprise

Introduction to LeSS

Nexus Overview

SAFe Foundations

Why Scaling Agile doesn’t work

How can we take Agile back? #NoFrameworks