Partners in Innovation
Following Agile Principles is an evolving mission, a passion and a learning experience that we have been on since the turn of the century. Our Agile journey started with coding hand-in-hand with customers in the era of the boom and Y2K and we still have the same passion and drive to be at the forefront of great, strategic deliveries with our clients that we did nearly 20 years ago.
Our core methodology is best boiled down to a simple equation:

Quality + Partnership = Results

Quality: is a cornerstone of a successful Agile delivery but this must translate to much more than a thoroughly tested product. Quality needs to run through the entire concept-to-market process, the team, the product, the vision and the value proposition to guarantee success. We are passionate about building the right product not just building the product right and we have the tools and skills to ensure we do so.

Fundamental to delivering quality is knowing what good looks like across the programme spectrum and this is how Agile Principles increase the chances of success.

Partnership: explains how we treat and view our clients. Our commitment levels are the same as if your product is our product and your team is our team. We view ourselves as a mobile & flexible capability who love to get engaged when businesses need us and are happy to work side by side with existing teams. We also welcome the opportunity to train up internal team members to replace us as their skills grow and programmes transition and evolve.

We view our relationships as ones to be nurtured through on-going excellence not milked through complex contractual tie-ins.

Results: are our key focus to ensure our expectations are aligned with our clients. These may be fixed, variable, short or long term and centred around strategy or delivery but we believe that through working together and baking in best practices and Agile Principle engagement we stand the best chance of happy partners and motivated, awesome teams working together to deliver the future.


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what we do

Start-up Ramp-up

Do you want to “run it like a start up” but would like some help running the new initiative successfully? Do you need help selling the concept and benefits to your C-Suite team to get things off the ground? Have you started a new strategic build have somehow become misaligned on goals, plans and budgets?

Wherever you are in you Lean Start-up journey and whatever your query or issue we can help. Our experience in building teams, defining tailored operating models, mitigating issues and delivering useful, iterative business value is tried, tested and second to none.

Innovation Delivered

Everyone needs to stay ahead of the curve. If you are not leading then you are following and while this can result in a profitable business, first mover advantage is just that. “Disruptive Innovation” it’s the challenge of the day. It’s the goose that laid the golden egg but how do you achieve it?

We don’t offer golden eggs off the shelf but we do have the innovation toolkit to work with your team to build an Innovation culture, to experiment, to learn and to iterate to find the right solution for your business and your customers. Most importantly, our iterations lead to deliveries and keep expectation, efficiency & motivation high.

Agile transformation

Agile Digital & Business Transformation has been a passion and key focus for us and has resulted in some great projects for our clients. We take huge pleasure in partnering to enhance capabilities whether this is purely in the technical space, across business project teams or in a full programme capacity working with legal, finance, marketing, sales, distribution, or any other capability.

We can help if it is proving ‘Agile’ in a small way, scaling in-flight programmes or engaging business and C-Level teams to take them on the Agile journey. Our experience and practical approaches make this as painless and rewarding as possible while keeping sight of core deliverables and strategic goals.

Can't fail, won't fail

We have a very down to earth, collaborative approach with our colleagues and speak clear English rather than buzz-words and consultancy-jargon but please make no mistake. If you have a business critical delivery that needs either delivering from scratch, turning around or just guiding gently back on track then our experienced team have the knowledge and tools to deliver and keep stakeholders engaged and up to speed.

Our team has great start-up experience but also has a experience with established medium sized businesses and Blue-chip organisations working on programmes ranging in size from £1M to £10Bn and our scalable delivery model will be a custom fit for any organisation.

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