Meet The Team

Hi – We’re Agile Principles

We’re an associate network of Agile coaches and digital professionals who believe that the standard consultancy model can be a lot better.

Our mission is to:  Enable Agile excellence through conscious culture change

 and we do that by helping our clients across the spectrum of

Culture – Capability – Product

We have in-depth experience of working with a whole array of Agile frameworks and the strength of our network means that we can meet you where you are and find the right top calibre coach or consultant to make the difference that you are looking for whether on a fractional or full-time basis.


Adrian Hall

Founder, Exec & Transformation Coach

Adrian is the Founder of Agile Principles and brings with him experience of most roles in the Agile world from developer to SLT member from the last 20+ years. 

He has built and lead teams to create great products and has a track record of delivering in a whole array of demanding scenarios with challenging stakeholders. 

These days he loves to help teams, leaders and organisations to discover and fulfil their potential through training, mentoring and organisational and 1:1 systemic coaching. 


Haroon Khalil

Enterprise Agile Coach

Haroon is a Business Agility coach and mentor working with organisations globally to help unlock better ways to adapt and respond to change. 

He is a passionate life-long learner and shares his extensive knowledge practically, generously and with humility championing those he supports and what he doesn’t know about flow isn’t worth knowing.

He loves to work with individuals, teams, and organisations to help unearth better ways of co-creating environments to deliver value early and often. 

Nabil Bio Pic

Nabil Zawadi

Enterprise Agile Coach

Nabil is a coach, consultant and delivery-focused Agile leader who embodies a continuous learning mindset.

He leverages over 10 years of Agile experience and a truly customer-centric approach to help people and organisations move to better. 

He is an inspirational mentor who always creates a purposeful sense of camaraderie and fun in the teams he coaches.

He supports people in developing a systems thinking approach and is driven by working with impact and creativity. 

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