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Scrum Foundation
Scrum Foundation

The Scrum process was created in 1993 by Jeff Sutherland and is the most popular Agile development methodology by a long way.

Our Scrum Foundation course dives in to the Scrum process and reviews all of the key areas of Scrum. This includes: pillars, values, roles, events etc and why it works. The group will run through practical exercises to enable them really gain a concrete experience of a mini-Scrum. Any team starting to work in a Scrum model should attend this course.

The prime focus of this course is for teams who want to work with Scrum to baseline the knowledge of the 'rule-book' and to explore the meaning behind it so the teams can understand what Scrum is about as they start their journey to make it their own.

This course is also a great quick-start for managers of projects where teams are using Scrum to help understand the way that the team is working and how best to influence the outcomes they are interested in without stepping back in to managing at the detail and person level.