Whose Agile is it anyway??

Some times when working with a client on Agile ways of working as Agile coaches we can feel like we all have a very different understanding of the word Agile.
Some people think of Agile as a process or a way to create efficiencies. Others think of it as a way to create warm team environments when people feel safe and our diversity is recognised and celebrated. Others think of it as a way to move-fast and break stuff.
So what is it?
Hey Agile…. who are you really???
Can we all be right?
I see a lot of tension in the Agile world around this question. Arguments about what is or isn’t Agile; as if we all hold the secret truth of Agile because it has revealed itself only to me and the fellow members of my specific Agile tribe.
Of course when we argue about these things it is really because we have a deep human need that is or isn’t being met in that instant.
Maybe we have a need for structure and and clarity?
Maybe we have a need for belonging and psychological safety?
Maybe we have need for speed and freedom?
(Little secret – these needs probably came from how these needs were met or not met as kids, or the historical memory of the organisation we are part of… but I digress)
So all of these needs are valid but unless we surface them we will keep going round the houses arguing over solutions, frameworks and terminology. And the solutions are really only tactics to meet our needs.
So the first step is to surface and recognise the needs that are alive within us then we can actually have a conversation about whether we are willing to help each other meet our needs and whether we can create an environment that will allow us all to meet our needs together or whether we would be better off working with different clients or in different parts of the organisation.
One way to do this is to check in with which voice you Agile need is talking with. Does it speak from the Head, the Heart or the Gut?

…and to work out how you can tell – read this. 

Good luck, peace & have a great day!
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